Floor Stripping & Waxing

Quality Swan strip and wax VCT (vinyl composite tile) floors in Charlotte NC, as well as

provide floor maintenance programs in Charlotte NC. Thru years of experience Quality Swan has mastered the stripping and waxing process to provide the highest Quality and Highest shine possible to your floors. No job is too big or too small; we have the tools to do each job right the first time.
Our process for Stripping and Waxing in Charlotte NC

  • Sweeping floors and dust mopping
  • Applying our floor stripper
  • Stripping every edge and corners
  • Stripping the main floor areas
  • Remove emulsified old wax
  • Rinsing the floor Thorley leaving no residue behind
  • Sweeping and dust mopping (2 time)
  • Re-apply wax coating

At Quality Swan we only use products that are environmentally safe and of the highest quality.

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